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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Amazon Black Friday Ad Analysis - You Won't Believe How Cheap This 32" TV Will Be

 Amazon Black Friday Ad Analysis

Get the lowest prices ever on Echo models (even the newest ones!), plus sweet TVs for cheap.
Finally, it's here: Amazon released its full Black Friday preview.

Last week, the store shared a preview of its device deals, but today Amazon dropped an even bigger list of deals to expect during its Black Friday sale.

Black Friday Starts Early at Amazon — Especially for Alexa Users

Amazon is planning more than 30 Deals of the Day, as well as thousands of lightning deals across 30 product categories. Deals will be available on various dates and times from November 17 to November 24.

Once again, voice shopping with Alexa will be a big feature, and customers using it will have an early and exclusive shopping window for select deals that starts at 8 pm ET on Wednesday, November 22. If you're feeling skittish about accidentally ordering something, note that any physical product purchased with your voice is eligible for free returns.

TVs and Amazon Devices Rise to the Top

Unlike most stores, which reveal ads with dozens of pages of deals, Amazon only shared a press release. The release contains previews for about 70 different sales, but the details are vague for most of these general discounts (e.g., "Save up to 35% on Melissa & Doug toys and furniture). It's therefore hard to evaluate some of these previews before we see the specific prices on specific items.

However, about 20 items were listed with specific prices, from which we've selected the top offers below. What we know concretely about Amazon's Black Friday sale, then, is that it will offer exceptional discounts on TVs — including high-end models, which is rare — as well as its own lineup of devices.

Read on for our selection, and consider subscribing to the RushToStores.Online Select newsletter to have all the best deals delivered to your inbox this Black Friday.

Best Amazon Black Friday Deals

  • NEW! Sony 70" 4K UHD Smart LED TV for $1,199.99 Should You Buy It? Yes It's really close to the lowest price we've seen for a TV like this.
          While we're not sure exactly what the model will be, Amazon is calling it a 2017 model so it's            at least part of the latest tech. The lowest price we've seen for similar models is $1,198, and                that was from Amazon, on Prime Day. It's entirely possible that it'll be the exact same model                they were selling then, for essentially the same price.
         We haven't seen many deals for this Samsung (model number UN55MU8000) — in fact, we've           only seen two, and those were both within the last week. We saw it for $800 on November 13,             but that was available with in-store pickup only at Micro Center, which excluded the deal for               most people. The only other discount we've seen was also at Micro Center, so for most                        shoppers, this might as well be the first discount ever for this model.
  • NEW! 32" 720p TV for $69.99 Should You Buy It? Yes It's a super affordable set.
          This deal matches our predictions perfectly and while it's a no frills set that price tag is                        undeniably immense. As it's so low though odds are this is one of those deals that will be hard            to actually score. If you're concerned be ready to jump on it as soon as these deals go live.
  • NEW! 49" 4K TV for $159.99 Should You Buy It? Yes This is an excellent price that beats our predictions.
         We predicted 4K sets of this size to have a doorbuster price of around $210, but this deal beats             those expectations by a full $50. It's even cheaper than our prediction for 49" 1080p sets, which           we predicted to drop to $179. Once again, though, this deal is so great that it's likely to go                   super fast.
          If you're new to the home assistant category, then this deal makes it super affordable to start                using Alexa. It beats our predictions by $10, and is at the best price ever for the Dot.
         This model just started shipping on October 31, so to see a discount already is surprising. It                 also beats our predictions by $10.
  • NEW! Smart Plug with Echo Purchase for $5 Should You Buy It? Yes But only if you're already planning to buy an Echo device.
          If you're snagging an Echo device, you might as well add a smart plug to it for this cheap                   price. It's a great way to dip your toes into the smart home pool without fully committing.

         This is an excellent proposal, but it is only valid for members who are not members of the                   Board, as well as for members of the Board who have yet to try Amazon Music Unlimited.                This is a saving of up to 27 dollars.
         At the end of October, a new, high-performance Amazon home automation center was                        launched, so this deal with Black Friday will be the first discount we saw. At a price of only $              120 after a $ 30 rebate, the price is hard to beat. In addition, it comes with a Philips Hue lamp,            which usually costs at least $ 15.
        Amazon added Alexa to its Fire plates, keeping low prices. This is the first transaction we                   saw in the new Fire 8, and it corresponds to our projected price. It's only $ 50, it's a high price             for a tablet of this caliber.

Worst Amazon Black Friday

        Amazon Tap regularly appears for this price, and we even saw how it happens before. It's one              thing to miss.
         While we are big fans of Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite with a colorless high-resolution                         screen and built-in backlighting, this deal on Black Friday is hardly destructive. We often                     saw this at this price, and we even saw it at $ 5 less when you added your order to $ 100 or                 more at Best Buy in December of last year.

Excited for a Black Friday deal? Think about subscribing to the RushToStores.Online Select newsletter to receive a daily summary of all our best offers, you never know when the black Friday will be released! You can also download our application, visit the Black Friday Hub for the latest ads or browse all of our blog articles for additional advice on buying.

Do you want to know what else you can expect from Amazon on this Black Friday? Read on!

What to expect from the sales of Amazon on Black Friday 2017

If you prefer to spend Black Friday in your games, buying on Amazon is mandatory. The retail giant is a super convenient one-stop shop - especially if you are a Prime member with a free 2-day delivery.

Despite the fact that Amazon does not have an official pricecomparison policy, this does not prevent the site from aggressively evaluating high-demand goods to match stores such as Walmart and Target. This means that you can win the best deals while avoiding the crowds of Black Friday ... if you are fast enough to add these items to your basket.
Continue reading all of our tips on how to successfully win the best deals Black Friday Amazon.

When Will The Announcement Be Published?

In 2015, Amazon did not publish its announcement until November 18 - just two days before the sale began on November 20. Last year, Amazon published the ad "preview" much earlier, on November 11. Then he published even more detailed information about his sales on November 16. We saw a small preview on November 6, and now, on November 14, a large selection of deals is expected.

Probably, we will see the full announcement from Amazon around November 15, after other stores have already announced their deals.

Nevertheless, we again expect that the "announcement" of Amazon will be more like a list of sales. Given the huge amount of discounts that Amazon spends during the Black Friday season, any actual announcement from the mega server will be thicker than Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Will Amazon Be Open For Thanksgiving?

Amazon is always open on the Internet, but this year there are seven brick and mortar stores associated with the retail giant to take into account. It's hard to imagine that Amazon will not open its physical doors for Thanksgiving or Black Friday, but there is no confirmation yet.

When Does The Sale Start?

Sales last year started technically on November 16, but our records show that the best deals were not shown until November 20 (five days before Black Friday). We expect Amazon to continue this practice this year, so you should start monitoring the site before November 19 - Sunday, which starts Friday, Friday, Friday.

When is The Best Time To Buy?

Hands down, we saw that most of the solutions for editors concern Amazon for Thanksgiving and Black Friday. However, the days before Thanksgiving (beginning on Sunday) also boasted a healthy culture of deals. It's definitely worth checking out the Amazon offers throughout the week.

What will Be Sold?

Last year, the main categories from the Amazon were home and garden transactions, as well as electronics. In addition, many Amazon brand devices saw discounts, although not all of them were noticeable. There is no reason to think that Amazon will not continue this trend this year.

What will Be The Big DoorsBusters?

Lightning deals will return, they will be popular, and the amount will definitely be limited. First and foremost, Amazon is known for having on Black Friday one or two really beautiful television zippers. Last year, happy customers with lightning-fast fingers could hook a 32-inch 720p-TV for $ 70, 32 "720p Smart TV for $ 125 or a 43-inch smart TV for $ 43,000 for $ 199. Such offers are usually sold in the twinkling of an eye.

Buyers who do not have patience for lightening transactions may want to make purchases through their Alexa device in order to gain an advantage. Last year, you could win an Amazon loan for $ 10 when placing an order for compatible Alexa gadgets. As Alexa-only transactions are becoming increasingly popular, such offers will likely reappear this year.

What You Need To Know

To buy Amazon for Black Friday you need a strategy, and best of all, if you nail yourself. Here's what you need to know in order to plan the Amazon Black Friday.
  • When Sales Begin: Transactions may begin to unfold around November 17, but will certainly hit the site before November 19th.
  • Time Limits: Transactions with lightning will begin every five minutes, and many quickly sell out.
  • In The Store or On The Internet? The vast majority of Amazon transactions will be online; However, it is likely that some discounts (perhaps on Amazon devices) can be found in brick and mortar stores.
  • Alexa-Exclusive Deals: Amazon, most likely, will have deals that can only be redeemed with devices that support Alexa. These transactions probably will not work with the Alexa application.
  • Amazon Prime: Although membership is not necessary, this is especially useful when shopping on Black Friday. Members of the Board receive early access to many transactions, which may be the difference between the receipt of goods and no. In addition, you will not climb to meet a minimum of $ 25 for free shipping for every item you want to score.
  • Download The Application: This is absolutely necessary for the Black Friday season, as it provides an opportunity to view all transactions interesting you and warns you when they are going to live.
  • When The Announcement Falls: expect a preview as early as November 8 and a more detailed announcement on November 15.
  • The Best Day To Buy: Hands down, do not miss the deal for Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Nevertheless, noteworthy proposals will begin to appear on Sunday before Thanksgiving.
Readers, what kind of deals do you expect from Amazon for a black Friday this year? What did you score last year? Let us know in the comments below!

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