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Thursday, 16 November 2017

AAFES Black Friday 2017 Ad Just Released

AAFES Black Friday 2017 Ad

AAFES just launched their massive AAFES Black Friday 2017 Ad into the sky, and we managed to snatch it and are handing it off to you now. This huge guy has 52 pages of deals starting on Thanksgiving (Nov. 23) and ending on Saturday (Nov. 25). Every day has a different selection of sales and reductions, and there is a lot to go through.
The biggest day is, of course, Black Friday as per usual, but the Saturday is a close contender. They open up at 6am for the later two days and run until normal closing hours. Thanksgiving day has a smaller, but no less robust event going down, detailed in the first 8 pages. No matter when you can make it, there's a lot to check out. 

Check out the AAFESBlack Friday 2017 Ad here.
AAFES Black Friday 2017 Ad
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