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Thursday, 23 November 2017

Save Big on Samsung products!

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Samsung is throwing some pretty decent discounts down our way.  As part of their Black Friday 2017 event, we're highlighting some of the most exciting Samsung has to offer. The biggest draws are the $400 off you can get either with a Galaxy Note8 or a Galaxy S8 with eligible trade ins, the 50% off a 64GB MicroSDXC PRO Plus memory card (which is a pretty crazy deal), and 20% off a 49" QLED Gaming monitor, the first time this guy has been on any kind of sale.

Save Big on Samsung products

Tommy Hilfiger Site-Wide Sale is Live!

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Tommy Hilfiger Site-Wide Sale

Tommy Hilfiger haws an awesome deal that is active right now. Right now everything on their site is 40% off with the coupon code THATSALE. All you have to do is enter that bad lady when you're checking out and the total price of your order will drop 40% AND you will get free shipping. In fact, on any and all orders made for the duration of the event you get free shipping on all orders, no limitations, no restrictions. 

Tommy Hilfiger Site-Wide Sale

Verizon Holiday Deals | Rush To Stores

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Verizon Holiday Deals

Verizon Wireless has a frankly awesome deal going down for the Holiday Season. Right now many of their best Android devices are 50% off when you get them with Verizon Unlimited. That's hundreds of dollars off the cost of your new phone, just flat out. If you're looking to upgrade, now is definitely the time! That's an awesome device with an awesome plan for half of what you'd normally pay.

Verizon Holiday Deals

Toys"R"Us & Babies"R"Us Thanksgiving Sale is Live

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Toys"R"Us & Babies"R"Us Thanksgiving Sale

Toys"R"Us and Babies"R"Us Thanksgiving sales are online! Until midnight tonight, you can pick up all the toys, baby products and accessories you'll need for gifting this Christmas with impressive discounts, so it's time to fulfill those wish lists!
Along with super deals across lots of categories, Babies"R"Us is offering 40% off brand essentials for a limited time only.

Take a closer look at the offers that are happening right now:

Toys"R"Us & Babies"R"Us Thanksgiving Sale

Sam's Club Black Friday Sale Has Started!

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Sam's Club Sale for Black Friday is live now. You can buy as many things as you want with very low prices.

Sam's Club Black Friday Sale Has Started

Target Black Friday Sale Is Live!

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Target Black Friday Sale

The Black Friday 2017 sale at Target is live now you can buy whatever you want at very low prices.

Target Black Friday Sale

Walmart Black Friday Sale Live Now Online!

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Walmart Black Friday Sale Live Now

The sale at Walmart for Black Friday 2017 is live now. You can buy whatever you want at very low prices.

Walmart Black Friday Sale Live Now

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Boscov's Black Friday 2017 Ad Is Here!

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Boscov's Black Friday 2017 Ad

Boscov's Department Stores Black Friday 2017 Ad has leaked and it's 72-pages (72!) of some pretty radical deals and specials this Black Friday. The 3-day sale starts on Thanksgiving day (Nov. 23) and runs until Saturday (Nov. 25). The doors open at 6PM, which allows you to get some Thanksgiving in you before you rush to the store. Take a peek to find savings on jewelry, outwear, shoes, clothing of all styles, and small appliances for the home.
Boscov's Black Friday 2017 Ad
View Ad!

The Target Toy Book 2017 Ad Has Arrived

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The Target Toy Book 2017

Target this season is largely tied to his Target Toy Book 2017 Ad, a huge 80 pages filled to the brim of the biggest toys for 2017! The best sporting goods, festive clothes and game hits are taken into account, offering everything a child can need for his wish list this year. And with a lot of discounts to take advantage of, there is no reason to delay your vacation more time!

Target has a number of deals lined up for pioneers. Starting from Sunday October 29 to November 11, the text TOY to Target (827438) for 25% discount for one toy, sports or children's craft of your choice! In addition, the retailer will release a new daily day for children every day between November 11th and Thanksgiving Day, that is, you receive 50% of the selected item using the Cartwheel application.

And if that was not enough, you can even get a 5% discount from Target's RED card from November 1 and Thanksgiving Day and a free $ 10 gift card if you spend $ 50 or more! Ugh! Finally, with free shipping and return starting from November 1, you can easily make purchases with the comfort of your home at no extra charge.

Some of our main choices are:

The Target Toy Book 2017


The Target Toy Book 2017


The Target Toy Book 2017


And check out the full Target Toy Book 2017 Ad here!

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Black Friday 2017 Predictions

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Black Friday 2017 Predictions

Black Friday is November 24- 2017 this year but the deals will be starting well in advance. In past years, Thanksgiving was the official start of Black Friday, but it is going to be even earlier in 2017, and that many means extra sales and chances to save money for everyone.

At, our goal is to better your Black Friday experience, and right planning is essential. As always, our annual predictions wrap a wide range of categories, including televisions, video games, smartphones, clothing, tablets, laptops, ad scan leaks dates, toys, spending, statistics and extra.

You can start with our complete predictions for various key categories, or you can use our Cliff Notes Infographic to see the most important data points across a wide range of products. At the very bottom, you can read our 12 general Black Friday predictions and shopping tips for 2017, neither of which are built-in in any of the individual articles.

Don’t feel like reading a lot? See our Cliff Notes Infographic below.

Black Friday 2017 Predictions
Black Friday 2017 Predictions
Black Friday 2017 Predictions
Black Friday 2017 Predictions
Black Friday 2017 Predictions
Black Friday 2017 Predictions
Black Friday 2017 Predictions

Black Friday 2017 Predictions

12 Black Friday Tips for 2017

1. Pre-Black Friday Sales Will Begin November 1st, But You Should Wait Two Weeks Before Shopping

As it does every year, Amazon is likely to launch its Black Friday Deals Store on November 1st. While Amazon does offer a few tempting deals in early November, we highly recommend waiting until the middle of November when the superior pre-Black Friday sales start. Even though Sam’s Club does not, in fact, refer to its annual 1st-day sale as a pre-Black Friday event, its prices are on par with the big day. Last year, the sale took place on November 12th. For 2017, wait for it to take place on Saturday, November 11th, and it will act as the first true appetizer of what to expect on Black Friday.

2. Be Ready On Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

As noted over, there will be an array of pre-Black Friday sales leading up to the actual day itself. Most of them are presently noise, but the Wednesday night (think 9 P.m. EST) before Thanksgiving is a day to put on your calendar. While Black Friday and Thanksgiving have essentially merged into a singular shopping day in recent years, many sales have gone live on Wednesday, and that is particularly true for online. In-store Thanksgiving sales will start as early as 6 a.m. at stores like Kmart, with many others starting after dinner at 5 P.m. or 6 P.m. at stores like Macy’s, Best Buy, and Walmart.

3. Shipping Charges Kill Most Deals, But You Can Easily Avoid Them

With more items being accessible on Thanksgiving and Black Friday than ever before, shipping becomes a vital topic. UPS has already announced its plans to add an add-on for holiday orders, and that could involve shipping prices. Regardless, we expect the majority retailers to pick up the extra costs, and that means you should be able to completely shun paying shipping costs if you do your homework. Stores like Target and Best Buy are expected to offer free shipping with no minimum order size during the holiday season. Amazon will likely keep its $25 least in place, but you can easily register for a 30-day free Prime test to enjoy free two-day shipping. Walmart’s $35 minimum will also likely stay in place, but it now comes with free two-day shipping if you meet it. Last year, stores like Kohl have had higher minimums of $50, which means you should avoid such stores if your order is cheap. Kmart actually ended up surprising everyone and waiving its free shipping minimum, which is a trend we expect other stores to follow.

4. Walmart’s Pickup Discount Plan Could Be A Game Changer

Walmart introduced lift up Discount earlier this year, which is a program that allows online shoppers to receive an extra discount on certain items when choosing to pick up their order at their nearest brick-and-mortar Walmart site. Shipping is classy, and Walmart is transitory on the savings to its customers. While the plan is still new, Walmart could use it to their benefit to offer lower prices on top doorbusters than the competition, most notably Amazon. Margins are frequently slim on electronics doorbusters, and Walmart could potentially inferior their prices a hair below what others will be offering. No such announcement has been made yet about Walmart’s plans to offer Pickup Discount for Black Friday items, but we recommend custody a close eye on it.

5. Do Not Shop At The Apple Store

Once a solid purpose to shop at on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the Apple Store is now a dire place to shop during the end of November. Last year, Apple offered gift cards when purchasing a few old model items at their full sell prices, and we wait for a similar format this year. There is even a chance Apple ditches the free gift cards in total (as they did in 2015) and sits on the sidelines during Black Friday. Regardless of what they do, third-party retailers, including Walmart, Best Buy, eBay, Amazon, and Newegg will have a variety of great deals on Apple products, notably MacBooks, iPhones, Apple TVs, and iPads.

6. 4K TVs Will See Record-Low Prices

If you do not already have a 4K TV, 2017 is the year to buy one. Once a very luxurious item, the 4K TV is now cheaper than eternally, and it is going to be likely to get a fairly high-end model for a reasonable price on Black Friday. Last year, Best Buy astonished everyone when they offered a Toshiba 49-inch 4K TV for only $199.99. This year, expect one more 49/50 inch 4K TV to be available for around $200. Expect a 55-inch 4K TV for only $275. If you are in the market for a smaller set, 40-inch 4K TVs should begin at only $165.

7. Video Game Bundles Will See Heavy Discounts

2017 is already looking like the year of the video game soothe, and the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch should all see discounts. In history, the basic discount for a video game package is $50 off the retail price, and we wait for that to hold true for 2017. Even better, many retailers, notably Walmart and Target, have been known to include gift cards valued at up to $50 with bundles. Wait for Nintendo button consoles to be available for $249.99 (save $50), PS4 Pro consoles to be available for $299.99 (save $100), and Xbox One X consoles to be available for $449.99 (save $50). Bundles with built-in games and accessories will be more, but some stores may include an extra free game in certain circumstances.

8. Do Not Fall For All Of The Toy Sales — Wait Until December

As October arrives, stores will be releasing holiday toy books. Additionally, many Black Friday ads will hold pages of toy deals, and it can be both enticing and stirring. First off, the holiday toy book sales should for all time be avoided. Second, Black Friday and Thanksgiving prices are superior, but it still pays off to remain. The second week of December until approximately the 17th is the best time of the year to get a great deal on toys. Stores know they have to sell their leftover inventory before Christmas, and they always drop their prices so. Do not wait too long, however, as waiting until the week of Christmas may mean low list and not much of a remaining selection.

9. Certain Store Cards & Credit Cards Offer Big Extra Discounts And Perks On Black Friday

While it is important to be accountable when using store cards and credit cards, it is possible to save extra money by signing up for the right ones. The Target REDcard is our preferred. Shoppers who use it will save an extra 5 percent off already low Black Friday prices, which can truly add up. The Amazon Store Card for Prime members offers 5 % cash back on purchases, which can be thought of as one more discount on Black Friday.

10. You Will Probably Make A Mobile Purchase — Be Ready

Up until a few years ago, mainly people browsed on their phones and made purchases on their computer. As shopping on a computer is still easier than on a smartphone, mobile websites have come a long way in just a few years. Wait for mobile spending on Black Friday to be around $1.4 billion this year. Expect mobile expenditure on Thanksgiving to be around $850 this year. Even while you do not have to make a mobile purchase, it may come in useful if you find yourself out at a store on Thanksgiving or Black Friday and the item you came for is sold out at the physical location.

11. Look for Bundled Gift Card Offers & Free Store Dollars Deals

In the past, we always cautioned next to gift card deals on Black Friday. We still advise against bad ones like what the Apple Store offers, but many retailers bundle them with already huge deals. For example, Target often charges the same price as most other stores for video game bundles. This price is typically standard, and you can go to 20 diverse stores and get the same bundle with one game for $50 off. To sweeten the deal, Target will comprise a free store gift card valued at $40 to $50. This makes the net price $50 lower than what the competition is a contribution. Kohl’s does something similar with Kohl’s Cash, and it is a simple way to get a great Black Friday price and extra store credit for free.

12. The In-Store Only Doorbuster Is Not Dead — So Far

Up until around 2013, nearly all of the better doorbusters were in-store only. This made it hard for many people to get the top items, and you were necessary to brave the elements to get your hands on that new laptop or HDTV. Last year, the bulk of doorbusters were available online, and you did not have to leave your home to get a total Black Friday shopping experience. Regardless, Best Buy and a few other retailers prepared a few of their better doorbusters in-store only. For example, Best Buy’s Toshiba – 49” Class LED 2160p Chromecast Built-in 4K Ultra HD TV was not accessible online. Their popular Sharp 55″ Class LED 1080p Smart HDTV was also in-store lone. While online shopping at Amazon, Walmart, Kohl’s, and Best Buy should be enough for most people, you may want to graph on potentially going out on Thanksgiving or Friday morning if you want the total best of the best.

Black Friday Stores Predictions For 2017

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Black Friday Stores Predictions For 2017

Despite the fact that stores such as Walmart, Best Buy, Target and Amazon are the most popular destinations for Thanksgiving and BlackFriday, their average average discounts are often pale compared to less popular retailers. Although it can be argued that popular stores have the best door locks on objects that people really want, second-tier retailers, including Macy's, Sears and JCPenney, should not be ignored.

To give you a better idea of ​​which stores will have the best prices, we reviewed the average data on discounts for Thanksgiving and Black Friday from last year. While there is no guarantee, the average discount for each store will be the same in 2017, years after that showed us that there are usually not many changes from year to year.
Black Friday Stores Predictions For 2017

All the average data on discounts in 2016 were received from Wallet Hub.

If you have not read an article about our store's forecasts for the past year, you might be surprised. Amazon and Walmart are at the bottom of the list, and club stores, including Costco and Sam's Club, had two of the lower average discounts from all surveyed stores. The average discount does not reflect the whole story, since a clothing store can offer a higher percentage than a store that mainly sells electronics, so it's important to review it in each case. Here are the 15 most important retailers for 2017 and their projected discounts.

  • Amazon- Predicted Average Discount: 20-25%
  • Apple Store – Predicted Average Discount: No Sale (0%)
  • Best Buy – Predicted Average Discount: 30-35%
  • Costco – Predicted Average Discount: 25-30%
  • Dell – Predicted Average Discount: 35-40%
  • JCPenney – Predicted Average Discount: 60-65%
  • Kmart – Predicted Average Discount: 25-30%
  • Kohl’s – Predicted Average Discount: 55-60%
  • Macy’s – Predicted Average Discount: 60-65%
  • Sam’s Club – Predicted Average Discount: 25-30%
  • Sears – Predicted Average Discount: 40-45%
  • Staples – Predicted Average Discount: 30-35%
  • Target – Predicted Average Discount: 25-30%
  • Toys R Us – Predicted Average Discount: 40-45%
  • Walmart – Predicted Average Discount: 30-35%

The Apple Store:

Black Friday Stores Predictions For 2017

At one time, the Apple Store actually offered deals on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. A few years ago, they started offering gift cards only when buyers purchased items at a full retail price. Two years ago, the Apple Store did not sell at all. Last year they returned the gift card offer for certain items, but many of the new models were excluded.

Apple has not yet responded to our request for additional information, but it is unlikely they have a real sale this year. They can include gift cards with certain products again, but there are better deals that will be available elsewhere for Apple products, in particular Amazon, MacMall, Walmart, Best Buy and eBay. Expect that third-party retailers will charge the following prices.

  • iPhone X – $0 Down & $300 Store Gift Card w/Activation of Installment Plan OR $949.05 (5% off) w/o Installment Plan
  • iPhone 8$0 Down & $250 Store Gift Card w/Activation of Payment Plan OR $671.04 (4% off) w/o Installment Plan
  • iPhone 8 Plus$0 Down & $250 Store Gift Card w/Activation of Installment Plan OR $765.44 (4.2% off) w/o Installment Plan
  • iPad Pro 12.9″ for $674
  • iPad Pro 10.5″ for $524
  • iPad (2017) for $229
  • iPad Mini 4 128 GB for $249
  • Series 3 Apple Watch for $329 w/Gift Card or Store Credit (no direct discount)
  • 13″ MacBook Air for $799
  • 12″ MacBook for $1,099
  • 13″ MacBook Pro for $1,099


Always a popular electronics retailer on Black Friday, this year there is a lot of uncertainty around HHGregg. While they filed for bankruptcy, their website is still working, and he even says that they are counting on their great discovery. What this means is unknown, but it is likely that HHGregg has a kind of sale on Black Friday. Last year their average discount was 37.3 percent.

The most popular retailers are Black Friday:

These are the five stores that will be the most popular this year, and their sales follow the same format every year.


Black Friday Stores Predictions For 2017

As usual, expect that Amazon will postpone as long as possible to publish information on sales on Black Friday. Our analysis says that on November 17, he will release his annual press release for recreation, and he will present a sample of 20 to 25 of his items of sale, most of which will be Amazon products, including Tap, Kindle and Fire. Their press release Cyber ​​Monday should be released on November 25, which will not give much time for preparation. The minimum size of a free shipping $ 25 is fairly easy to meet, but do not expect Amazon to give it up.

Despite our projected average discount of only 20-25%, Amazon will have some of the most popular individual items. The new Fire 7 will be available for about $ 29.99, and Fire HD 8 should be only $ 49.99. Expect Amazon Echo to be available for just $ 69.99. They will probably offer 32-inch HDTV for only $ 70, and they will have many gaming complexes on average $ 50.

Best Buy:

Black Friday Stores Predictions For 2017

Despite its struggle, Best Buy always has one of the best and most complete sales on Black Friday. They specialize in TVs, and last year they had a deal number 1 according to our analysis - a 49-inch 4-inch Toshiba TV for only $ 199.99. In 2017, expect more from the same, with the best TV doorfight. We assume that they will have a 55-inch 4-channel premium TV for only $ 275.

Do not let their average forecast of discounts by 30-35 percent scare you off. This year, Best Buy will have a lot of top door locks. As well, they are likely to offer free shipping without the minimum order size through the holiday season. Expect their announcement on November 9, sometime early in the morning. Unlike some other retailers, Best Buy is likely to have only a few stores in the store, so it's important to read the small print for each transaction. Probably, they will open at 5 pm. Thanksgiving this year.


Black Friday Stores Predictions For 2017

Despite the fact that Kohl annually sells one of the best-selling products during Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and Cyber-Monday. Expect that their announcement will be released on November 2, 2017. Of the five best stores, Kohl should have the highest average discount, and we think that it will fall in 55-60% of the range. Probably, they will open at 6 pm. Thanksgiving this year.

In addition to more electronics than ever, Kohl's also offered more online deals last year than ever before. Expect this trend to continue in 2017. In addition, you will find a lot of doors, laid with the help of cash Kolya. In certain situations, you will be able to receive more than $ 100 in cash Kohl, which, like a gift card, when you purchase the chosen item. This is powerful because Kolya's will many times has the same price for items that are in other stores, but the addition of Kohl's cash gives him an advantage for the best overall net discount. Do not expect that Kohl will give up his free shipping.


Black Friday Stores Predictions For 2017

In recent years Target has made its way to one of the elite stores Black Friday. They combine many of their top electronics with Target gift cards, which makes the total net discount higher than the competitors of Walmart and Best Buy. Targeted members of REDcard receive 5 percent of each purchase, which is another way to save even more on Black Friday prices, which are already very low.

Expect the Target announcement to take place on November 8, and this will happen a few hours before Walmart and Best Buy collect their own ads. The average discount this year should be 25-30 percent. As usual, expect Target to offer free shipping without the minimum order size for the holiday season. Probably, they will open at 6 pm. Thanksgiving this year.


Black Friday Stores Predictions For 2017

Nevertheless, the most popular retailer is Black Friday, the leakage of Walmart advertising is an event in itself. Regardless of the mystery, Walmart is pretty predictable when they are going to publish it. Usually it happens the second week of November, and it happens in the middle of the night. Expect it on November 9 this year.

The average discount of Walmart last year was 32.6 percent, which is on the lower level. Expect that this year it will be somewhere from 30 to 35 percent, which will still be much lower than in some competing stores. Unlike Best Buy and Target, do not expect Walmart to give up its free minimum shipping volume. The good news is that you will be able to use a free two-day delivery to order from 35 US dollars or more. Expect Walmart to include gift cards worth up to $ 50 with certain door locks. Probably, they will open at 6 pm. Thanksgiving this year, but it does not shock us to open at 5 pm. instead.

General Store Predictions

Black Friday Stores Predictions For 2017

Total total average Black Friday Discount: 36.5%

If you are making purchases for Thanksgiving or Black Friday this year, you should be able to save at least 36.5 percent. Clever buyers will be able to save even more, while others can actually save less. The best buyers should be able to save 60 percent or more, if they are aimed at the best stores and deals. We calculated this percentage, taking the average of the predicted values ​​of 20 stores in the diagram at the top of the page. The average discount last year was slightly below our projected value, so we expect responses for 2017.

Average free shipping Minimum order size: 35 US dollars

We've already talked about this, and we'll say it again - we never pay for shipping on Black Friday. Too many stores either offer free shipping for each order, or a low minimum order size to qualify for free shipping. As always, Target and Best Buy are likely to offer free shipping for each order during November. Although this is a general request that the Amazon and Walmart correspond to them, there is very little chance that it will happen. Amazon's $ 25 free will stay in place, but the prime members will continue to enjoy a free two-day delivery. Walmart's offer for a free two-day delivery for orders of $ 35 or more is also likely to remain in place.

The store on which to watch closely is JCPenney. In previous years, their minimum level of free shipping was about $ 100, which is too much. However, last year they fell to $ 50. Koh's had free shipping in the amount of $ 50 to $ 75, but we suspect that this year it will be lower.

Important dates for ad leaks

  • The first common leak: cargo transport in the port on October 11
  • The first advertising breakthrough of the Top Store: Macy's on October 27

Check out our blacklist slip forecasts for Black Friday 2017 for a complete list of important dates to look out for.

Official Black Friday, 2017 Kickoff Date: November 1

As always, Amazon will begin its reverse sale on November 1. While there are some good suggestions, we recommend that you skip it. There are the best pre-black Friday sales than Amazon's, in particular, the sale of club club Sam's Club in mid-November.

Official online release of Thanksgiving 2017 Kickoff Date: Wednesday, November 22

Many sales on Black Friday will begin earlier this year, but Wednesday, November 22, is an important date. Last year, Walmart and many other key retailers began selling on Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and the real deals are most likely to go live this day this year.

The earliest Thanksgiving Day Opening: Kmart at 6am.

As always, expect Kmart to open on Thanksgiving Day at 6 am and spend most of the day. Why Kmart knows all this, but there is a ton of reaction to their solution. In any case, we do not expect that Kmart will change its early hours this year.

2017 Winner Black Friday: Kohl's

We have long liked the sale of Kolya, and we think that 2017 is the year when they finally get the pleasure they deserve. In addition to having the same or better prices as Walmart and Target on premium electronics, they include Kohl's cash, which is basically free money for frequent buyers. If you can only shop at one store this year, Kohl is a great option.

Black Friday predictions Conclusion

Despite the fact that a year later, the forecasts of our stores look frighteningly similar to last year's version. This is because stores often repeat their sales format. Some even repeat the same transactions and prices, which means that the average discounts will not change too much.

We recommend that you take an average discount of at least 50 percent. Avoid stores that do not refuse shipping fees, and be prepared to start online shopping the day before Thanksgiving.

Amazon Black Friday Ad For 2017

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Amazon Black Friday Ad For 2017

Amazon Black Friday Ads, Deals, Sales For 2017 

Thanksgiving Hours: All Day 

Black Friday Hours: Nov 17-24 

This showcases the various doorbusters and top items for Amazon's Black Friday 2017 sale. Their "Countdown to Black Friday Week Sale" is now live, but not everything is currently available. Expect most of the high-end doorbusters on Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, but there are some steals available NOW! Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.
echo dot
Save $20 on Echo Dot only $29.99

All-new Echo
Save $20 on All New Echo only $79.99

Echo Plus with built-in Hub
Save $30 on Echo Plus only $119.99

Amazon Tap
Save $50 on amazon Tap only $79.99
Save $20 on amazon cloud cam only $99.99

All-New Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet, 7
Save $30 on Fire 7 kids edition only $69.99,save an additional $10 when you buy two

All-New Fire HD 10 Tablet with Alexa
Save $50 on Fire HD 10 only $99.99

All-New Fire HD 8 Tablet with Alexa
Save $30 on Fire HD 8 only $49.99

All-New Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa
Amazon Fire 7 tablet $29.99 (20 off)

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader
Save $30 on kindle paperwhite for $89.99

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