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Saturday, 28 October 2017

What Is Halloween? How You Can Celebrate It In 2017?

Halloween is the time to get your special dress costume ready and make sure you have a lot of sweets and chocolate stashed near the door as Halloween is nearly here.
But do you know how the day got its name and why we celebrate it?

What Is Halloween

What is Halloween and where it comes from?

The Halloween word comes from Hallowe’en, meaning “hallowed evening” or holy evening.
It is broadly thought that Halloween traditions came from Celtic harvest celebrations of Samhain, though some people hold the view that Halloween began independently as a Christian festival.
Samhain was a celebration at the end of the harvest season, and means "summer’s end."
People at that time thought the walls between worlds were weak and spirits could pass through into our territory, and it was feared they may damage crops for the next season.
To calm any spirits, gaels would set up places at their dinner tables for the spirits and light bonfires to scare off evil spirits.

How can you celebrate Halloween 2017?

What Is Halloween
Halloween can be celebrated in a number of manners, whether you want to enjoy it from your home or go out.
These include:
  • playing apple bobbing
  • carving pumpkins
  • playing pranks
  • dressing up in fancy dress at a costume party
  • going trick or treating
  • watching horror films
  • telling scary stories
  • visiting "haunted" attractions
  • some Christians attend church services

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