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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Nintendo Switch Introduction & Black Friday 2017 Price Predictions

Nintendo Switch Introduction

13/10/2017 Update - The first prices for the Nintendo Switch Black Friday should be released in late October. As expected, expect that discounts will start at $ 50 for consoles and bundles. In certain situations, you can save at least $ 50, and also get a free gift card. In other scenarios, stores may include free games when you pay full price. This means that the console will probably start at $ 249. The bundles with the games will start at $ 299. For more information, see In our video game projections for 2017.

Since the publication of this article in July, the switch's deficit has slowed significantly. Many retailers, including GameStop, have different packages available for ordering today, but there are no actual discounts. Bundles start at $ 359.99, and most stores are still sold from standard console packages for $ 299.99. Regardless of availability, waiting until Black Friday can mean a saving of at least $ 50, a free game or accessory, a free gift card or a combination thereof.

Nintendo Switch, released in the US on March 3, 2017, is currently the most popular console for video games on the market. While happy gamers who got their hands on the console or kit are happy with their new gaming system, many others are still trying to find a switch at a reasonable price with the current deficit. At the moment it is not known whether the deficit will end by the time Black Friday begins to surface, but there will probably be a number of proposals for a bundle. That's all you need to know about the new Nintendo console and the price forecasts for the holiday shopping season this year.

The switch starts at $ 299.99

For $ 299.99 you can purchase a basic Switch package. It includes a console, left and right Joy-Con controllers, a docking station, two Joy-Con joystick straps, a handle and each cable and an optional accessory to start the device. Standard package for $ 299.99 does not include the game, so you have to choose a package or purchase your first game separately. You have the option to choose "Gray Joy Cone" or "Neon Red / Red Blue Joy Cone".

Those who choose the kit have many different options. While none of the basic console packages for $ 299.99, none of the many packages are available at the moment, they quickly entered into force and were available in recent months. Here are the options that are available as of July 2017. Please note that not all of them may be available during Black Friday this year, and they are simply used as examples to show the different types of packages and the expected prices.

- Nintendo's switching console with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy-Con should have a fan kit for $ 499.99: this kit includes all the basic hardware that includes the standard version plus Splatoon 2 (Physical Game), The Legend of Zelda : Breath of "Wild" ("Physical Game"), "The Legend of Zelda": "The breath of the passage of the wild expansion" (Digital Code) * and "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe" ("Physical Game"). It will be officially released on July 28, 2017.

- Nintendo switch with gray grid Joy-Con Zelda Shield Bundle for $ 419.99: This set includes the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Physical Game) and Zelda's Breath from the Wild Shield Backpack. It will be officially released on August 11, 2017

- Nintendo switching console with Joy-Con Kid Bundle gray packaging for $ 479.99: this kit includes Splatoon 2 (Physical Game), Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Physical Game), Snipperclips (Digital Game) * and SanDisk Ultra 64GB microSD Card with an adapter. It will be officially released on July 28, 2017.

- Console Nintendo Switch 32GB with the legend Zelda: Breath of wild digital download for $ 359.98: includes the legend of Zelda Breath of Wild Digital - Nintendo Switch [Digital Download].

- Nintendo Switch Neon Joy-Con Multiplayer ARMS Bundle for $ 469.99: Features of ARMS (Physical Game) and additional controllers Joy-Con.

As you can see, retailers, primarily GameStop, already offer a variety of creative sets. While they are quickly sold, GameStop returns them to the warehouse faster than in the previous months. Regardless of the increase in inventory, those who are looking for a non-batch version will have to continue to search, because they are sold almost everywhere.

Potential Switch Black Friday 2017 Prices

Nintendo Switch Introduction

The Black Friday of 2017 is November 24 this year, and it will be almost nine months after Switch was originally released. Although deals on newer consoles were rare in previous years during Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, which changed last year, when PS4 Pro, PS4 Slim and Xbox One S were heavily depreciated. All three of these consoles were released much later in the year than Switch, so we absolutely expect discounts. Here are our early predictions of the Nintendo Switch Black Friday. As the year continues, and the stocks and bundles become more clear, we publish updated forecasts.

- Basic Nintendo Switch package (without game): We fully expect that the basic Switch package will be available for $ 249.99, which is a discount of $ 50 from the retail price of $ 299.99. A discount of $ 50 is extremely common for consoles and packages during Black Friday, and we believe that this will be the deepest price that a switch will see.

- Nintendo Switch Bundle with one game: we expect that packages with one game will be available for $ 309.99, which is $ 50 from the normal cost of $ 359.99. Most Switch games are sold for $ 59.99, so this will be the total price for such packages.

- Nintendo Switch Bundles with several games: stores can be creative, offering game kits, so some can come with four different games. Although we still believe that the basic discount will be about $ 50, some stores can offer such packages for up to $ 100. Despite this, there are a lot of four games, and it is important that you plan to play all the games included to receive money.

- Bundles with a gift card and no rebate: under certain circumstances, stores are likely to sell a set of switches at a full retail price, but they will include a gift card store costing from $ 30 to $ 100, with a total of 50 Depending on the store, this may be a tempting offer, but it depends on your personal shopping habits. In most cases, we advise you to get a direct discount on the primary gift card. In some cases, a set of switches can see a discount and include a gift card.

Why is Switch so popular?

Nintendo Switch Introduction

Given the failure of the Nintendo Wii U, many were skeptical about Switch. Regardless of preconceived notions, the switch turned out to be a hit, and Nintendo can finally be a worthy competitor for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Here are a few notable features that separate the switch from competitors.

1. Signature games. While excellent technical characteristics and equipment are important for any game console, games are a real star. Very few gaming franchises are as significant as Mario and Zelda, and Nintendo has a stronghold on both of them. Despite the fact that none of the franchises was strong enough to save Wii U, it is a powerful asset for the Nintendo Switch and will certainly excite any player playing with NES and SNES.

2. Hybrid console. In the past, serious players had to buy two separate consoles: one for their home and one to take with them. In the 90's it was SNES and Game Boy. In recent years it has been Wii U and 3DS. While the 3DS will still exist, the switch offers a combination of games at home and games on the road. All inclusive to enjoy the afternoon, playing the Mario Map of the house, and then to the bar at night. Forbes' David Thier really did it, and it was a much bigger hit than he expected.

3. Flexible controller parameters. In addition to strong multi-user options, the switch also allows you to use different methods for playback. The Joy-Con controllers and the Nintendo Switch Pro controller are both options, and the Joy-Con controllers can be used in several ways. Depending on the game, one Joy-Con can be used in one hand. Capture Joy-Con will also connect the left and right Joy-Con controllers to one for a completely different experience.

While Wii U tried to become the next console, it eventually failed. It's still not clear how successful Switch will be, but it's on the right track. As noted at the end of May, the switch in the first year was already at a pace to increase the number of Wii U units that had been sold since its launch.

Despite the fact that many functions and sales numbers are promising, the switch has its drawbacks. Compared to the upcoming Xbox One X and the current PS4 Pro, the switch is simply not that powerful. In addition to the lack of power, it comes with only 32 GB of internal memory (users can purchase additional memory). In addition, there is no possibility to transmit video, which is another drawback for many potential buyers. You can read about all the various features on

What about the Nintendo Wii U?

While the Wii U was actually quite a popular subject on Black Friday in previous years, in 2016 it was almost dead. We did not find a legitimate deal, and we had to send customers to Wii U packages at full price. Because the switch is so popular, the Wii U is not going to be rebuilt during Black Friday at the end of this year. Although our Wii U page will remain operational, most transactions will be sold by third-party vendors, including eBay. Therefore, this year prices can be higher if you want to take them in hand. Our advice is to avoid this and choose a switch.

Compared to Xbox One

Despite the fact that Microsoft Xbox One has supported the PS4 from Sony over the past few years, it remains a popular and powerful console. When Halo leads, gamers have every reason to buy an Xbox. Last year, Microsoft released the Xbox One S, which is a thinner version of the original console. During 2017, Microsoft will release the Xbox One X on November 7, and this could be the main competitor of the switch.
The good news for Nintendo is that the Xbox One X will be sold for $ 499.99. In addition, it is produced so close to Black Friday, maybe not so much room for maneuver for the price. In addition, there may be a flaw, and this will further reduce the number of trades available. Finally, this is $ 200 more than the switch. Even if its discount is $ 100, the switch will still be more affordable.

Although the Xbox One X can not be a huge competitor to the switch, the Xbox One S will. The base discount for the 500GB package on black Friday last year was $ 249.99, which was a discount of $ 50. From "Black Friday" we saw that it fell even more, and prices can be as low as 199.99 dollar. In addition to the low price, the Xbox One S is more powerful than the switch, which is important for some gamers.

Compared to PlayStation 4

Sony will not release a new version of the popular PS4 this holiday season, but it may not matter. The Sony PS4 Slim was a hit during Black Friday last year for $ 249.99 and, like the Xbox One S, it could see prices for just $ 199.99. It is more powerful than the switch, and it has an established base of dedicated fans.

In addition to PS4 Slim, the PS4 Pro should see more discounts than last year. The price for $ 399.99 for the Pro is $ 100 more than the switch, but there should be room for big discounts. Depending on how much it actually goes, Pro has a real chance to steal the volume of the Switch this year, if creative packages are offered.

Like the Xbox One, the PS4 also has more power than the switch. Despite this, it still goes to games, so we recommend not letting this be the determining factor when choosing your new gaming system this year.

Expect prices for the first vacation in October

Nintendo Switch Introduction

As usual, this year we will start publishing the missed copies of the entire Black Friday, Cyber-Monday and other holiday announcements this year, beginning in early October. Most important announcements are expected in mid-November, but most likely we will see an important technical announcement in late October. This is when we expect to see the first deal with the switch, and it will most likely set the price that most other retailers charge.

Of course, several stores will be superfluous alive and will sell them cheaper, but the console for video games usually has a predictable price, which follows every major store. Regardless of the fact that the price will be the same, some stores will include additional games, accessories and gift cards to further sweeten their deals. You can follow the updates of the new version of Nintendo Switch Black Friday on our new Nintendo page. In addition, you can see the latest versions of SNES Classic, 3DS and other Nintendo applications.

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