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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Black Friday Toy & Game Predictions For 2017

Black Friday Toy & Game Predictions For 2017

Toys and games are always one of the most popular gifts for the holiday season. Over the past few years, price discounts on these products for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday have become better and better. After analyzing the prices from November last year and finding out the latest trends in toys, we wanted to predict which stores will have the best discounts and what will most likely be the hottest toys and games of the season. Below you will find a table of our discount forecasts for the best stores, as well as what we consider to be the most popular toys and games of the year.

Black Friday Toy & Game Predictions Based on Average Discount by Store

Black Friday Toy & Game Predictions For 2017

In the diagram above, you will see an average discount of 2016 for sixteen stores and our projected value for the average discount for a toy in 2017. The average discount data comes directly from a study conducted by Wallethub last year. Below you can see the same shopping lists in the order of the forecasted average discount *.
1. Sam’s Club – 2017 Predicted Average Discount: 46%
2. Fred Meyer – 2017 Predicted Average Discount: 45%
3. Kohl’s – 2017 Predicted Average Discount: 43%
4. JCPenney – 2017 Predicted Average Discount: 42%
5. CVS Pharmacy – 2017 Predicted Average Discount: 40%
6. Shopko – 2017 Predicted Average Discount: 40%
7. Toys R Us – 2017 Predicted Average Discount: 40%
8. Gordmans – 2017 Predicted Average Discount: 35%
9. Amazon – 2017 Predicted Average Discount: 30%
10. GameStop – 2017 Predicted Average Discount: 30%
11. Walmart – 2017 Predicted Average Discount: 30%
12. Target – 2017 Predicted Average Discount: 27%
13. BJ’s – 2017 Predicted Average Discount: 25%
14. Kmart – 2017 Predicted Average Discount: 25%
15. Meijer – 2017 Predicted Average Discount: 25%
16. AAFES – 2017 Predicted Average Discount: 20%

* When stores were tied to the same forecasted average discount, we placed them in alphabetical order in our ranks. For example, this year CVS Pharmacy, Shopko and Toys R Us have a forecasted average discount of 40%, which gives them a rating of 5, 6 and 7, respectively. We did this for simplicity, and this does not mean that CVS Pharmacy has a better average discount than Shopko or Toys R Us.

Predictions: Top Black Friday Toy Stores

Above we only rated the stores in order of higher average discounts on the game and the game. Although this is certainly an important factor in which the store you have to shop for buying toys, other factors to consider include the size of the selection, exclusive offers of toys, length of sale and inventory. Let's look at the stores that, in our opinion, will be the winner in the category "Black Friday", a couple of horses and a store that, in our opinion, will be improved in 2017, considering all factors.

Winner – Amazon

Black Friday Toy & Game Predictions For 2017

We believe that Amazon will be the best store for buying toys and games this holiday season. While the 30% average discount that we forecast only estimates them number 9 on our list above, Amazon is the king in all other indicators that could be taken into account when thinking about buying toys and games. Amazon has already released its 100 best toys for 2017, and beginning on November 1, they will open their countdown to the Black Friday store. When sales have already begun in their top 100 lists, Amazon gives buyers one of the longest windows of any store to shop for a holiday toy. In addition to the long sales period, it is expected that Amazon will have the most diverse selection with some exclusive Amazon. After the extremely successful Prime Day, Amazon has more people than ever using Prime, and therefore more leverage than ever to offer exclusive games for toys and games at the top of the linear discount prices. And, we think, they will do it.

Darkhorse – JCPenney

Black Friday Toy & Game Predictions For 2017

Last year, we predicted that Kohl's would be toys and games for darkhorse, and we were right when they had an impressive 40.56% average discount along with the exclusive American Girl Lea doll. While Kohl's will remain a perfect stop for toys and games with a few expected exceptions, we will no longer call them a dark horse. For this reason, we choose JCPenney as a potential dark horse, so that this year we will conduct exclusive experiments with toys and games. Whilst JCPenney is not a store, you may expect to be at the top of the list of toy purchases, their average discount last year was 41.21%, and they even had a 16-page toy! We expect that their inventory will increase this year, having an average discount of more than 40% and having at least one exclusive toy.

Most Improved – Target

Black Friday Toy & Game Predictions For 2017

During the holiday season of 2016 Target had a very disappointing and very unsatisfactory average discount of 17.03%. Despite the fact that recently the main problem for target groups is the target audience, we forecast these changes in November and December 2017. CNBC reported on Friday that Target plans to reduce prices for thousands of products. Toys have not been specifically mentioned, but we have a feeling that some of the best Target prices in this holiday season will be on toys. In the second quarter of this year, Target recorded a 32% increase in online sales. We are confident that they will want to keep this momentum in the fourth quarter, as they want to catch up with the primary rivals Walmart and Amazon. We see that Target places a respectable discount of 27% this year, along with their usually very large selection and many targeted exclusives, such as Hatchimals Surprise.

Predictions: Hottest Toys and Games for the 2017 Shopping Season


Black Friday Toy & Game Predictions For 2017

The biggest hobby in 2016 for toys was Hatchimals, and he again returned to the shopping season in 2017. This year Hatchimals will become one of the most popular gifts. After evaluating the list of the best toys for Amazon, Walmart, Target and Toys R Us, we noticed that Hatchimals is mentioned on each of them. Walmart, Target and Toys R Us will have an egg Hatchimals Surprise, which will be shown on October 6. The exceptional nature of these toys means that each of them must be slightly different, and this year there may potentially be several Hatchimals in your shopping list.
More Extremely Hot and Trendy Toy and Game Items this Year

L.O.L Surprise! Big Surprise
Nintendo Switch
Barbie DreamCamper
Barbie DreamHorse and Doll
Paw Patrol Sea Patroller
Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K
littleBits Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit
LEGO® Star Wars™ BB-8™ Build to Display
My Little Pony: The Movie My Magical Princess Twilight Sparkle


As more and more stores are pushing for online sales and mobile sales, expect that discounts on the game and the game on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday will be better and better. The trend constant last year, and we wait for the same again in 2017. Although the absolute best prices for toy purchases during the holiday season will come in the second week of December, inventory may not be as strong. Our projected top-end toy store this year is Amazon, as we expect that they will have the largest inventory with the most varied choice and an average discount of about 30%.

In addition to Amazon, Walmart will have a very strong toy and selling game. In addition, we believe that Target will bring the most advanced transaction lists and increase their average discount this year by almost 10%. Finally, we believe that JCPenney is a dark boat shop, which has one of the best sales, as they tend to penetrate deeper into the category of toys, as Kohl recently did.

As for the hottest toys of the season, expect that Hatchimals will again become the biggest winner in the 5+ years category with a huge announcement from them on October 6 and exclusive Hatchimals in all major retail chains. Expect that the usual suspects Nerf, LEGO, Star Wars and Barbie will be as popular as ever, when the Nintendo Switch will become our "Big Kid" choice for the hottest toy of the season. When it comes to toys, our advice is always the same, if you find the item that you really need at a price that you are comfortable paying, make a purchase, and do not expect. If this "should be", it is better to spend a little more and to ensure that you have a subject for holidays than to skip completely.

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