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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Black Friday And Cyber Monday Tablet Predictions For 2017

Black Friday And Cyber Monday

Although the tablet is still an important device, it has lost its luster in recent years. It is expected that prices for laptops on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday will be lower than ever in 2017, and smartphones have advanced to such an extent that they can perform most of the tasks that tablets can perform. This puts the tablets in a somewhat uncomfortable category, but the demand for them is still very high during the holiday shopping season.

We'll start with the price forecasts for Apple's iPads lineup. Apple has simplified the lineup from last year, and it will be cheaper, than ever, to get a model with rather high memory.

Apple iPad 2017 Model Black Friday Predictions

Black Friday And Cyber Monday

iPad Pro 12.9 ":

Initially released in 2015, iPad Pro 12.9 "enters its third season, and since last year everything has changed. In 2016, the basic model (only Wi-Fi) was released at 32 GB, and the best deal - $ 689.99, which was a discount of $ 110. Recently, Apple has updated the base 12.9-inch model from 32 GB to 64 GB, and the retail price of $ 799 has not changed. It is expected that in 2017 the model of 64 GB with Wi-Fi will be available only for 674 US dollars, which is a discount of $ 125. If the stores still have old 32 GB models, expect to be able to get them for only $ 549.

iPad Pro 10.5 ":

New for Apple in 2017 replaced the version of iPad Pro 9.7 with a larger 10.5-inch version, the basic discount for the 9.7-inch version last year was from $ 125 to $ 150. We believe that the new version of 10.5 will be at the bottom of this spectrum, so expect prices to start from $ 524 for a 64 GB model with Wi-Fi, which is a discount of $ 125 from the retail price of $ 649.

iPad (2017):

Earlier this year, Apple replaced the popular iPad Air 2 with a new 9.7-inch device, simply called the iPad. Last year, the main discount for the iPad Air 2 was $ 125. For 2017, we wait for that the new 32GB iPad will be available for $ 229, which is a discount of $ 100 from the sell price of $ 329. For retailers who still have the iPad Air 2 inventory, expect discounts of more than $ 200.

iPad Mini 4:

Back again for 2017, iPad Mini 4 is now available only with 128 GB of memory. Currently, it is sold at a price of $ 399, which is $ 100 cheaper than last year. Expect that it will be available for $ 249 on Black Friday, which is a discount of $ 150. Best Buy recently sold it for $ 275 during the July sale, so we think the price will fall even more during Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday this year.

Gift Cards:

In recent years, the Apple Store has put gift cards on the iPad, without offering a discount. In many cases, gift cards were provided only by old models, which allows the Apple Store to avoid buying an iPad on a Black Friday. Other retailers, including Best Buy and Target, in the past included gift cards with discounts iPads. In 2017, gift cards worth $ 20 to $ 60 are expected, with an average of $ 40.

Amazon Fire Tablet Black prediction on Friday

Black Friday And Cyber Monday

As usual, the Amazon Fire Fire tablet looks much different than last year. For this reason, we base our forecasts on Prime Day prices for the past year. Amazon usually has similar prices on Prime Day and on Black Friday, so we are pretty sure that these will be the prices.

The New Fire 7:

New for 2017, Amazon has improved the already popular 7-inch tablet Fire. In the Prime Day, it was available for $ 29.99, which was a discount of $ 20 for a retail price of $ 49.99. Today, Amazon has a special offer for Fire 7 for only $ 34.99, which is $ 15. For Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, expect this model to be available for $ 29.99 for the whole weekend.

New Fire HD 8:

Updated for 2017, Fire HD 8 became a big hit during Prime Day. It was available for $ 49.99, which was a discount of $ 30 from the retail price of $ 79.99. Today Amazon has a special version for Fire HD 8 for $ 54.99, which is only a limited offer. On Black Friday, we expect Amazon to match Prime Day and sell Fire HD 8 for just $ 49.99.

Fire HD 10:

Still available on the Amazon website, Fire HD 10 is unlikely to be very appropriate this year. In Black Friday last year there were minimal deals, and in Prime Day he was absent. Despite this, we believe that Amazon will offer it for $ 199.99, which is a modest discount of $ 30. Regardless of the price, we recommend setting up one of the cheapest and newest models.

New Fire 7 Kids Edition:

New for 2017 Fire 7 Kids Edition is an affordable tablet that comes with a 2-year warranty without problems. In Prime Day, it was available for $ 69.99, which was a discount of $ 30 from the retail price of $ 99.99. Amazon currently sells it for an ordinary price of $ 99.99 USD, so at the moment there are no transactions with special means. Regardless, expect it to be available for $ 69.99 on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday for the weekend.

New Fire HD 8 Kids Edition:

In addition, the new for 2017, Fire HD 8 Kids Edition offers children a high-quality and larger model than the 7-inch edition. It was available for $ 89.99 in Prime Day, which was a discount of $ 40 from the retail price of $ 129.99. Expect Amazon to return this price at the end of November. Like the 7-inch edition, the HD 8 Kids Edition also comes with a 2-year warranty without problems.

Samsung Tablets And General Forecasts

Black Friday And Cyber Monday

Samsung Galaxy Tablets:

Although Apple iPad and Amazon Fire remain the most popular tablets on Black Friday, Samsung's Galaxy Tab is not far behind. Last year the cheapest Samsung version was Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite Tablet for $ 67.99 from Shopko, which was a discount of $ 62 from the regular price of $ 129.99. Numerous stores had the same model for $ 69.99. For 2017 it is expected that the cheapest tablet Samsung will be available for only $ 60. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7 "should be sold for $ 79.99, which is $ 10 cheaper than the best price of $ 89.99 last year.

The average price for a tablet Samsung this year should be about 150 US dollars. Last year, more than 20 deals were sold for Samsung tablets, ranging from $ 67.99 to $ 200, with most of them ranging from $ 100 to $ 200.

Cheapest common tablet:

Prices for tablets are falling every year, and it's always nice to see which store will offer the lowest deal. Last year, Shopko sold the Trio 8GB 7 tablet for $ 24.99, which was usually sold for $ 59.99, and it was not a very high-quality model, but you can not beat this price for a working tablet. For years we actually saw that the pills are available for less than 20 US dollars.

For 2017, it is expected that the cheapest price will be $ 15. As expected, the brand will be suspicious, and it will not offer high performance. Expect the brand to be Trio, RCA or Emerson.

Average Gift Card:

As mentioned earlier, many pills complete with gift cards on Black Friday. While we usually see that we have more iPads, we expect that there will be packages for Samsung and other brands. Expect that the values ​​of the cards start at $ 10 and go up to $ 100. On average, you should expect to get a $ 40 gift card.

Average Total Discount:

We have been following the prices of the tablet on Black Friday for many years, and the average discount does not change much from one year to another. For 2017 is expected to purchase about 22.5% when buying a tablet. This figure was calculated by averaging savings on more than 150 tablets from last year.

Tablets Black Friday Predictions Conclusion:

While the tablet seems to support life, it will survive in 2017 and beyond. For the best overall price, we recommend the Amazon Fire Fire tablet, and the new Fire HD 8 is the best choice. Even better, Amazon has great guarantees for the tablet for their children, which makes them a sensible purchase for children. For performance and reliability, the iPad is really the best bet, but you'll have to pay at least $ 229 for the cheapest iPad. Finally, Samsung always offers a fairly diverse choice, and prices should start at just $ 60.

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